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SCIC Chinese Medicine Study Course and Silk Road Explorations is available in Easter Period. Special offer from USD$1980 per person. This 14 days fully exclusive trip that covers Beijing, Dunhuang, Turfan and Urumqi. Don't miss it. More trips are available including the Yangtze River Cruise, Yellow Mountain Painting Trip, Shaolin, Wudang Mt and Terracotta Warriors Trips.

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Thanks so much for organising a such great China experience for us.

-Jayn Scotland-


  Feedbacks from group travelers


Hope trip 3 is going well. Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much everyone enjoyed our trip to China. One week on and everyone is still talking about it to anyone who will listen. We have all decided that we would like to return probably in September 2006 but possible 2 trips one at Easter again and the other in September. We would also like you to come back to Scotland when your return here if you could e-mail and let me know when you are available probably late June early July would be best for us.

You can start to relax a bit last spring trip is almost over. Can start planning for 2006 now we already have a few interested. What is Haikou in Hainan province like? Haikou is twinned with my home town of Perth and I wondered what taiji training might be available in that part of China and what tourist sights there are if any?



Iain Naylor
Chief Instructor, Hands of Light, Scotland.
Tel: 01764 655594 Mobile: 07811 232862


First I would like to say thank you for the fantastic trip that you organised. My students and I are very eager to sort out next years trip as we have already talked about, which will give them time to save up and sort out holidays etc.
We would like to fly to Beijing the travel straight away to one of the sites trying to save time. We would like to see the five main temples of Honan, Wutang / wudand?, O Mei, Fukien and Kwantung. Can we spend two days at these places then travel on sleeper train to next stop. We may need to fly between some sites due to the distance. Can we arrange this to give us a day or two at Beijing at the end before flying back to England.


Paul Burkinshaw£¬ Head Teacher, Sil Lum Kune, The Shaolin Fist Chinese Boxing Association UK
Tel: 07973421860
Email: paulbukinsham@yahoo.co.uk


Everyone on our trip thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and many want to go back again in September! A group of students have asked how much it is likely to be in September for just training and music, or training and language etc. I was wondering of you could give me a rough figure for 2 weeks? Some have asked to stay in cheaper hotels to keep the cost down.
Becky and I really enjoyed the whole trip. I liked having the breakfasts every morning! Once again, thanks for organising everything. As far as me and my students are concerned, it was a tremendous success! Hope to see you soon,
Andrew and Becky


Zheng Dao Lo¡¯ Martial Arts Academy
Tel: 01329510204
Mobile: 07980498770
Email: a.austin63@ntlworld.com


Just a quick note to say all the Midlands T'ai Chi Ch'uan group arrived back safe and well from their trip of a lifetime to China. On behalf of my students, may I thank you and all the guides and other people who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this cultural and training experience a tremendous success. All your efforts are sincerely appreciated. All the students have told me that they felt really 'special' during the whole of the trip and this made the experience even more memorable for them. They will all go back to their classes full of renewed enthusiasm and commitment, as the training they received was not only of the highest possible level, but reinforced everything they are learning from their Lee Family training.
Thank you again my friend.


Gee (Midlands T¡¯ai Chi Ch¡¯uan)
Tel: 07973 394011


Just a few lines to thank you for the wonderful time we had in your country. The way you organized the trip was superb and from a cultural aspect, gave everyone a good insight of Chinese customs, the civilization and their achievements both past and present. With such a large group of people, filling three busses, I was amazed how smoothly it was organized. Everything seemed to fall into place with military precision, even the long journey to Henan province.

Yours faithfully,
Barry Phelon


Considering the vast age difference of the group (from children of four years old to adults well into their sixties), I was pleasantly surprised at how everyone was kept happy. Although this was not always the case and at times I could see you had your hands full, as people came to you with their personal problems. However, you overcome the problems that arose with the skill of a politician and left everyone admiring how someone so young could solve the problems so efficiently.

Yours faithfully,
John Holden


I would like to say that, in you, your government has a superb emissary who has carried out a difficult role of showing foreigners the sights and culture of a truly great nation.
Everyone I have talked to has expressed their desire to return to China in the near future and already a trip for next year is the topic of conversation. Needless to say, we all enjoyed our trip (to many it was the trip of a lifetime) and we would all like to say ¡°thank you¡± for organizing it.

Yours faithfully,
John Holden



This is just a brief note to say thank you to you and all your team for the fantastic trip. I enjoyed every moment of it. I thought you did a brilliant job in organizing it. The guides we had were all very kind and fun to be with. Please pass my thanks to them, I will be in touch with all that I have email addresses for as soon as possible. The accommodation, food, training and trips were outstanding.
Regards and thanks

Paul Carter
Long Buckby Tai Chi Association, Northampton, UK
Tel: 01327842005 M: 07940257554
Email: P.D.Carter@warwick.ac.uk


Thank you once again for such a fantastic visit to China. I think we are all a bit stunned by the holiday - it was so packed with visits, cultural experiences and training - it was way beyond our expectations. And the hotels were excellent.
Many thanks again

Jane Frew (from Taoist Arts Organisation)
Tel: 01375391642
Mobile: 07989 661263
Email: jfrew2001@yahoo.co.uk


Many thanks for the wonderful gifts and for giving my students a truely wonderful time on the China culture trip. Thanks for the information on the trip for 2006. I will let the other students see and we can decide if anyone is coming next year. Thanks again - Dennis and Liz really had a good time.

Jayne (Independent Tai Chi Association)
T: + 44 (0) 1932 56 4141
M: + 44 (0) 7986 447 250
Email: jayne@jaynestorey.com
Web-site: www.jaynestorey.com


It was a successful and enjoyable trip, we have learned and gained. It's all thanks to you and your effort. I look forward to seeing you soon in London. Kind regards to you, your family and all the nice people you have introduced to us.

Alan Winner
Alan Winner Academy
Telephone: 02089957717


Thank you so much for a wonderful two weeks we had a ball...Everyone wishes you and Ike and the rest of the team well and we cant thank you enough for taking such good care of us in China.
The sightseeing was amazing sometimes and tiring but very worth while the training with the monks was the best part for most of us and we would like to have had more.
Thanks once again for all your hard work.

Lots of love.

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