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SCIC Chinese Medicine Study Course and Silk Road Explorations is available in Easter Period. Special offer from USD$1980 per person. This 14 days fully exclusive trip that covers Beijing, Dunhuang, Turfan and Urumqi. Don't miss it. More trips are available including the Yangtze River Cruise, Yellow Mountain Painting Trip, Shaolin, Wudang Mt and Terracotta Warriors Trips.

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Thanks so much for organising a such great China experience for us.

-Jayn Scotland-


    Feedbacks from individual vistiors


Firstly, can we say a big, big, big, big, big 'thank you' to you for organising the culture trip to China in September. Elaine and I have been married for 35 years and travelled far and wide, BUT the trip to China recently was the most fantastic trip that we have ever experienced.

Everything about it was great - all the hotels, restaurants and meals, trips and visits to places like the Great Wall, The Sacred Way, The Forbidden City, T. Square, Zhengzhou, Xian, the Terracotta Warriors, the workshops, the time training with the Shaolin monks etc etc plus your hardwork, and the hardwork put in by Cindy and Vincent made it a trip of a lifetime.

Dave and Elaine Blaney, School Teacher, UK Leicester


Just wanted to email you to say I had a brilliant time in China, I think the culture of the Chinese people is very interesting. I think You have done very well to fit so much into a two week plan and have Obviously worked very hard to make this possible. Ive spoke to a lot of people and everybody agreed the trip was very well organised.

I think out of the whole trip i enjoyed my time in Beijing the most the people seemed to be more friendly towards westerners. My Plan is to start saving hard and hopefully under your Guidance come back out to Beijing and train for maybe 1/2 years. I hope things are not two hectic for you, looking after 120 people must keep you very busy.

Gareth Fish, student, UK, Portsmonth


Thanks for making the 2007 Culture Tour a trip to remember. Your continuous hard work and efforts to look after everyone was much appreciated and did a great deal to make a memorable experience awesome. I had a great time, looking forward to getting back to China again. Meanwhile, life in England continues. I have returned to my work, toilets that flush and of-course Andrew¡¯s classes.

I am looking forward to your visit in May I might even have my photo¡¯s sorted by then. I know that there were a lot of people in our group so if you can¡¯t put a face to the name I have attached a picture to remind you! It seems everyone in China drinks green tea, it is green tea you are drinking is it Chen?

Helena, London


What can I say! The cultural exchange trip was truly amazing, can¡¯t wait to see you all again next year!
Its hard to remember on specific high point as it was all overwhelming. You country has a culture that is so rich and beautiful it is very difficult to describe.

The martial arts training again was inspirational, I hope this will inspire me to become a better person and better martial artist. Good luck with your present venture, I have no doubt it will be a success.

Gary Snowdon (Newcastle Delegation England)


China and its people have accorded me courtesy, kindness and Consideration also I hope a few friends. I enjoyed myself immensely and have had a wonderful time, the food was Immense as was the cultural aspect and the training was unbelievable. Even in such a short time I have learnt so much!!

I do not have enough words to describe my view of your efforts on our Behalf so I must just say thank you. Your tour guides were so good, they deserve a medal for coping with us!! Again if I was to express how I feel about them it would take a long time.

I wish you well. Health, happiness, good fortune.
Angus (Hai da li) Ewart


Hope you are enjoying your time off - you certainly deserve a rest after all the efforts you made to make the trips such a success. My students have come back full of enthusiasm and strongly recommending the experience to the others. I have another group of about 20 people for September and will get the names to you in a week's time and the deposits by the end of May.

As soon as I have the names I will ask them to confirm which extension trip they wish to take and confirm this as soon as possible.

Jane, Dundee Scotland


Just a quick note to thank you for your impeccable organization of the culture trip. I'm back in the UK now, a little jet-lagged but very happy to have seen so much of China. I was especially pleased to taste the Yunnan food and visit a restaurant that wasn't for the tourists!

Have a good holiday - you probably need it and you certainly deserve it!

Best wishes
Anthony, London


We arrived safely at Heathrow yesterday and got back home by about 1.00am (your time) this morning. I am now back at work and catching up on things. Thank you for arranging everything for us. We had a fabulous time and Will be recommending it to those in my group that couldn't make it this time.

Take Care
Vivi, Anne, Fiona, Belfast,


I just wanted to thank you and your team once again for the great trip we had. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I think it was a big success. Good luck with the future trips.

Mike. Ipswich, England


We have been meaning to email since we got back from our trip with Sil Lum Kune. We had the most amazing time in China, we loved every minute of the trip and cannot wait to return to China.

Thank you very much for all the hard work and effort that you and your team put into making the trip so enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you again some time.

Thank you
Best wishes

The Currie family (Alex Susan Megan Alexander and Rebecca)


Just a short note to let you know I gave Jayne the gift from you, she was delighted and so pleased. I would also like to thank you personally for making this trip one of the best holidays for my life, my son Greg also sends his respects and thanks you all for the outstanding organising and work that you team put in.

Please put me on your next trip list.

Dennis & Greg London

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