Top Kung Fu Masters! Wushu Teachers! Taiji Professors! Sanda Instructors


  • Master Xu Shixi

    Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi is now 76 years old and has been practicing traditional Chinese kung-fu everyday over the last 60 years. He learnt Bagua from Master Zhang Qing Lian, and tai chi from Master Feng Zhiqiang. He has taught hundreds of students both Chinese and from abroad. He is a master who is willing to pass on his skills, techniques, philosophy and knowledge to those who are keen and value traditional Chinese kung-fu.

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  • Master Li Quan

    Master Li Quan is an extremely disciplined, hardworking, and motivated teacher of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. A student and teacher of Chinese Wu Shu martial arts for more than 30 years, he attained Master level as the eighth great disciple under Grandmaster Dai in 1997 and has become a nationally recognized martial artist and a respected member of the Chinese Wushu Association.

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  • Master Miao Qiang

    Master Miao is a traditional Baij Quan, Pigua zhang and Yang Style Taiji Master. 66 year old with over 55 years’ Kung experience. He was born in Cangzhou, which is nationally known as the “hometown of Martial Arts”. He won Gold Medal for Baiji and Pigua on Cangzhou International Wushu Festival 2010 and 2011.

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  • Master Zhang

    Zhang Weifeng was born in a martial arts family, and learned kung fu from his father at a young age. He is proficient in many kung fu styles including Bagua, Hsinyi, Wudang sword etc. He learned and practiced hard in the Wudang mountains for more than 7 years. He then turned to the Shaolin temple to learn traditional Kung Fu under the Wu Gulun lineage of Shaolin. In 2011, Mr Wangqi took him as his disciple and intensively taught him the Sanhuang Paochui as well as traditional combat skills and Tai chi Push Hand.

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  • Master Xingxi

    Xingxi was born in 1980 in Hubei Province. He learnt Shaolin Kung Fu from the honorable Shaolin Master Shi Dejian at the age of 16. Master Shi Dejian accepted Xingxi as a secular disciple, quickly standing out and becoming Shifu’s most trusted student. From 1998 to 2007 Xingxi studied under his master at San Huang Zhai monastery. Xingxi left the monastery in 2008 and now looks to integrate traditional Kung Fu into modern combat competitions to demonstrate the value of the origins of Chinese Kung Fu.

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