Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Immersion

Program Highlights:

1. TCM Immersion Course (Six key TCM classes)
2. Visit Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Tongrentang TCM Clinic
3. Visit all the major historical attractions such as Great Wall, Forbidden City in Beijing,
4. Terracotta Warriors in Xian,
5. City tour of Shanghai & Grand Canal and Chinese Gardens in Suzhou
6. Enjoying the local activities such as Chinese acrobatics, Peking Opera, Massage and Tea ceremony, Hat pot and Peking Duck banquet

Locations: Beijing-Xian-Shanghai & Suzhou
Trip Length: 14 Days
Trip Date: March, April, August, September
Trip Price: Start from USD$ 1980pp

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    Program Introducation

    Learn authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine in one of tope TCM institute in China, experience first hand the Chinese way of life. This program is specially designed for
    Traditional Chinese Medicine schools, organizations and enthusiasts worldwide that are interested in organizing groups to China for TCM study, culture & life experiences

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Course

    TCM workshops are aimed to focus on fundamental study and training of each topic in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our workshops are available for total beginners to advanced level. The workshops will be taken place either in the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Students will tour the campus and visit the TCM museum, different departments, laboratories, and also the university hospital.

    Seven major topics will be taught through workshops which include:

    1. Essentials of TCM

    2. Diagnostic Methods

    3. Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massge)

    4. Acupuncture & Moxibustion

    5. Medical Herbs

    6. TCM Dietary Therapy

    7. TCM Medical Qigong


    Sightseeing Programs  

    Our sightseeing programs provide a good opportunity for students to discover most important historical and cultural attractions in China. Beijing including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple and Tian'anmen Square. Xian includes the visit of the famous Terracotta Warriors and horses and other side attractions. In Shanghai, participants will discover both Shanghai’s major historical and contemporary attractions, including the Jade Buddha, the Yu Garden, and the old city area of Shanghai, the Shanghai Museum and the Oriental Pearl Tower. In Suzhou, you will see the typical Chinese gardens and horticultural arts, as well as the life of Tongli people. Admission, transportation and English speaking guides are provided at no extra cost. These tours provide an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge of China's rich history and cultural heritage.


                                                                                                                Standard Itinerary

    Day 1 Beijing
    Activities: Airport Reception & Pick Up, Hotel Transfer and Check in, Orientation & Welcome Dinner.

    Upon arrival, please follow the exit signs and look out for our SCIC Sign or someone holding a sign showing your name. After the hotel check –in, an Orientation meeting will be arranged where our representative will provide you with full details of the trip, including a local map, itinerary, timetable, emergency contact numbers, currency and the locations of local amenities such as pubs, supermarkets, banks, Internet Cafe and the post office. After taking a stroll around the hotel, we will have a more extensive escorted walking tour of the neighborhood, so you can get accustomed to the surroundings and familiarize yourself with the local amenities.

    Day 2 Beijing

    Activities: Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tea Break at the Tea culture workshop, Peking Duck Banquet, Making Chinese Seals or Chops

    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

    Undoubtedly, the Great wall is one of the world greatest tourist attractions, hence the old saying “A man isn’t a real man if he has not climbed the Great Wall.” Stretching across 5,000 kilometers (3,333) miles of unforgiving terrain, it was intended originally as a defense against nomadic invaders from the north and has now become a universally recognized symbol of China.  After visiting the Great Wall there is time to visit a teahouse, participating in a traditional tea ceremony with a chance to sample many kinds of teas, chat and relax. Then, as our distinguished guest, you will enjoy a traditional Peking Duck dinner. Slowly roasted over an open flame, the duck is cooked to golden brown with a specially hired cook to carve and prepare the meat. Finally, under the guidance of some famous traditional artists, you will have a great opportunity to make Chinese seals or chops.

    Day 3 Beijing

    Activities: visit Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, TCM Workshop:
    Essence of TCM and Diagnostic Methods) Tianan Men Square, Forbidden City, Dinner, Peking Opera Show.

    Toady we will firstly participate in the TCM Course. It centers on the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, some basic theory, such as Yin/Yang theory, Five Element theory, Oritental Etiology & Pathology. And it also embraces the instruction of Diagnostic Methods, which mainly includes four methods, namely, observation (Wang), audio-olfaction (Wen), inquiry (Wen), and palpation (Qie). In addition, various practice opportunities will be prepared for you, professors and doctors are all from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. After class, we will head to Tian'an Men Square. It’s amazing to walk through this immense square, with its great variety of magnificent sculptures. Then, we go to the Forbidden City, it is a "must see" in Beijing, the largest and flamboyantly decorated palace in the world with unparallel historical relics. In the evening you will have another unforgettable experience with a visit to the Peking Opera, embodying the quintessential elements of the players’ performing skills. The show embraces live singing, martial arts, acrobatics and Peking Opera performed in traditional costumes and make-up.

    Day 4 Beijing
    Activities: TCM Workshop: (Topic: Medical Herbs), Tongrentang Biggest TCM Store, Summer Palace, Peking Duck Banquet

    Meals: Breakfast

    Toady our main topic at our TCM Workshop is about Medical Herbs, you will have a general knowledge of Chinese herbs, their names, classification, nature, taste, properties, entering meridian, usage, safe and maximum dosage, precautions, contraindications, combinations and preparation. Then we will visit Tongrentang, the biggest TCM store in Beijing to experience the mystery of Chinese medicine. At afternoon, we will visit the Summer Palace, as prestigious as the Forbidden City, is the best preserved and largest of the imperial gardens in China.Then, as our distinguished guest, you will enjoy a traditional Peking Duck dinner. Slowly roasted over an open flame, the duck is cooked to golden brown with a specially hired cook to carve and prepare the meat. Finally, under the guidance of some famous traditional artists, you will have a great opportunity to make Chinese seals or chops.

    Day 5 Beijing

    Activities: TCM Workshop: TCM Dietary Therapies, Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Hutong our with Rickshaw, Beihai Park with (Medical Qi Gong)

    This morning, we will learn some basic skills of Dietary Therapies and Acupuncture & Moxibustion at our TCM Workshop. A introduction to Chinese diet therapy will be given at class, then you will acquire the knowledge of the meridian systems and acupuncture points of TCM, learn 12 regular meridians, 8 extraordinary meridians, 15 collaterals, and other meridian and collateral pathways. After class, a rickshaw ride to the typical architecture and community life of a Hutong district is equally memorable. Here, through the hospitality of local families, you can gain an authentic experience of everyday life in this distinctive form of community. Finally, you will walk around Beihai Park, here we can enjoy the performance of Medical Qi Gong, a quite mysterious form of Martial Atrts.

    Day 6 Beijing

    Activities: Temple of Heaven with the Tai Chi Ball class, Beijing TCM Workshop (Topic: Tuina Chinese Massage), Chinese Acrobatics Show, overnight Train to xi’an
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

    Each morning, thousands of local people practice Tai Chi at the Temple of Heaven so you can join in or just watch, as you stroll through this beautiful park. After exercise, our TCM workshop, Tuina Chinese Massage class prepared for you to explore all the theories, concepts, techniques and indications of Chinese medical therapeutic massage, and also study the treatments of the most commonly seen clinical situations. The evening brings a trip to see the famous Chinese Circus Acrobats in action with breathtaking skill, grace and daring. The Circus we have selected is considered the best one in China so you can expect a top level performance.  After the show it is time to catch an overnight train, an adventure in itself where you can enjoy a comfortable rest and a unique experience.

    Day 7
    Activities: Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Terracotta Factory, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Stele Forest Museum, Chinese Massage
    Meals: Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner

    After breakfast, we transfer back to Xi’an. After the hotel for check-in, you will visit the incredible 2000 year-old Terra cotta warriors and Horses. Many of the figures like soldiers, archers, horses and chariots have been restored. You can see both repaired and broken warriors in a truly impressive display. The terracotta factory is a place where you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the process of making duplicates of the warriors and their horses this is also a good opportunity for a spot of shopping. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is another interesting place to visit. The widely celebrated Master Xuanzang (Monk Tripitaka) stored his collection of classic Buddhist artifacts brought from India in this pagoda. It is thought to be a milestone of the ancient capital city - Xi'an. At night, you will have the chance to experience Chinese Massage, make you relaxed and relief tiredness.

    Day 8 Xian / Shanghai
    Activities: Shaanxi Historical Museum, Pottery Making workshop, Stay in Xian.
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

    Today you will be driven to another highlight- the Shaanxi Historical Museum. Look upon as one of the most important museums in China, there are 400,000 matchless items displayed from many Dynasties including superb bronzes and porcelain. Many have never been on permanent display before. After a simple lunch at a local restaurant you will be taken to our Pottery Making workshop, many renowned artists invited by Our SCIC to demonstrate the basic steps of pottery making, each one will have a chance to practice. Then you will have a great opportunity to enhance your understanding of Chinese culture

    Day 9 Shanghai
    Flight to Shanghai, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Yuyuan Garden, Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

    Upon arriving in Shanghai, we will head to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. It is labeled as one of the tallest TV towers in the world, acknowledged for its marvelous spheres, or "pearls". Our second option is taking a stroll in the Yuyuan Garden. The paths wander across bridges, past rockeries, miniature lakes, through pretty halls and pavilions.

    Day 10
    Shanghai / Suzhou
    Activities: Transfer to Suzhou, the Grand Canal, Humble Administrator

    After breakfast you will drive to Suzhou. On arrival, you will head straight to the Grand Canal. This canal ranks alongside the Great Wall of China, it is considered to be China’s greatest engineering achievement and it is the longest man-made waterway in world. We continue on to the Humble Administrator's Garden. Constructed in the Ming dynasty, this garden represents the essence of Chinese classical gardens. It is divided into three parts, the eastern, middle and western sectors. It has a unique structure of a central pond with pavilions, terraces, chambers, which are surrounded by towers.

    Day 11 Suzhou / Shanghai
    Activities: Tongli tour with boat floating experience, Silk Factory, Stay in Suzhou
    Meals: Breakfast

    After breakfast, we will have a Tongli tour with boat floating experience to see beautiful scenery of Suzhou. Then we go to the Silk Factory. Sophisticated workers here will demonstrate the whole process of making silk, under the instruction of SCIC staff, you will obtain a comprehensively understand the culture of silk. You have enough time staying at Suzhou, experience unique life here. What ever you choose remember to enjoy yourselves but not too much as tomorrow you are traveling again!  

    Day 12 Suzhou / Shanghai
    Breakfast, transfer back to Shanghai, free activities, farewell dinner

    transfer back to Shanghai, free activities
    Meals: Breakfast

    After breakfast, we will transfer back to Shanghai. You are free to take a rest or do some self exploring of other places in Shanghai that you might want to visit. Shanghai is also extremely famous for its nightlife. So you might want to try going to a spar for massage or a bar to meet new friends or maybe a night clubs to experience dynamic nightlife. What ever you choose remember to enjoy yourselves but not too much as tomorrow you are traveling again!  

    Day 13 Shanghai
    Activities: None (Free time)
    Meals: Breakfast

    Day 14 China / your home
    Activities: Airport Transfer, Flight to your home
    Meals: Breakfast

    After breakfast we will take you back to the airport for your flight back home and the trip is officially ended.  If you would like to stay extra days in Shanghai, or plan for another trip in China, please let us in advance.



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