Pain and Pleasure China Trip

Program Highlights:

1. One week Intensive Martial Arts Training in one of our schools (as a pain)
    Available Styles: Traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Wushu, Sanda and more

2. One Week Tour and Sightseeing
    Available Cities: Beijing, Shanghai,Suzhou, Lijiang, Xi'an Terrocatta Warriors, Shaolin Temple, Wudang Mountain etc.

3. Enjoying the local activities such as Chinese acrobatics, Peking Opera, Massage and Tea ceremony, Hat pot and Peking Duck banquet

Locations: Beijing-Xian-Shanghai & Suzhou
Trip Length: 14 Days
Trip Date: all seasons, all time
Trip Price: Start from USD$ 1580pp

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                                                                            Program Introducation

    Pain and Pleasure trip means the participants will take one week intensive training in the first week, and spend a relaxing week in the second week, participants can choose either to take sightseeing, cultural and leisure activities in the second week, or take a trip to other places such as Shaolin Temple, Chen village, Wudang, Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai, Yunnan and Guilin etc. It is ideal for those who are seeking for the balance between toughness and softness.

    Week 1: Language related activities & Beijing Sightseeing

    Spend your mornings in class learning Chinese with our instructors. Spend your afternoons sightseeing in Beijing and practicing your Chinese with local people. Begin your study of vocabulary and sentence structure for basic conversational Chinese and learn how to write basic Chinese characters. Study topics include: Family, Weather, Home & House, Dining, Survival Chinese, Chinese Courtesy, and Shopping & Bargaining. Sight attractions include: The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Beijing Hutong Rickshaw Tour. Practice your Chinese with our staff , guides and the local Chinese people you meet throughout your excursions. Traveling, sightseeing, and dining in Beijing provide the perfect environment for you to remember new words and expressions that you learn in class. Aside from your language classes SCIC compliments your language study with daily introductions to other aspects of Chinese culture, including: Chinese history and religion, calligraphy, medicine, cooking, Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Here at SCIC Beijing we also realize that each participant's desired amount of free time may be different, so while we do offer a structured travel plan customized to fit your needs, we also allow you to plan much of your own itinerary.

    Week 2: Trip to Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai & Suzhou

    Get ready for a fun-filled adventure! Pack your bags and board the train to Xian, one of China's most historical cities! This ancient capital city located in Shaanxi Province is the hometown of the famous Terracotta Warriors among other world renowned sights and attractions. Next, head to Shanghai! Known as the "Oriental Pearl", this modern metropolis lies on the estuary of the Yangtze River and is impressive for its amount of historical sites as well as unique modern architectures. Stroll along the historical bund while staring up at some of the tallest buildings in the world, including the Oriental Pearl TV tower. After Shanghai, break away to the nearby city of Suzhou, our last destination before returning to Beijing. Reputed as the "Oriental Venice", due to its abundant ponds and streams and water towns, Suzhou is sure to touch your heart. Enjoy exquisite Chinese cuisines in each of your destinations and experience all the entertainment and nightlife that China has to offer. Free time is included at every stop along the way to make sure you have some time to plan your own itinerary.
    Imagine yourself now taking in the lush scenery of the winding Great Wall, strolling along paths once walked by the Emperors of China in the Forbidden City, bicycling through the narrow alleys of traditional Chinese neighborhoods, seeing in person every dimension of the Terracotta Warriors, boating through the pathways of an ancient water town, breathing in all of China's local life and tasting all the delicious treats and cuisines along the way, all while increasing your knowledge of traditional Chinese health practices. Let SCIC Beijing help you do all this and more! !

                                                                                       Itinerary as an example

    Participants will be enjoying the relaxing week by doing the sightseeing, cultural and leisure activities in Beijing in the first week, and in the second week, you will be taking the intensive training classes either in Wudang Mountain, learning Wudang Sanfeng Forms and discover the magnificent Wudang Mountain. This trip is ideal for those who are seeking a balanced China experience between ‘toughness’ and ‘softness’.

    Day 1
    Place: Beijing
    Activities: Airport Reception & Pick Up, Hotel Transfer and Check in, Orientation & Welcome Dinner.

    Airport pick Up: Today we will meet everyone at the arrival at the airport, please make sure you look for our SCIC Sign or a sign that shows your name.
    Briefing: provide all the information about the trip including local map, itinerary, timetable, emergency contact numbers, plus the locations of amenities such as pubs, supermarkets and post office. At the end of briefing, you can let us know your special needs, so we can help you to get used to the trip, we will make you as the member of our family in China.
    Orientation: taken on a brief tour around the hotel and then on a more extensive walking tour of the neighborhood so you can orientate yourself and make the most of local facilities.

    Day 2
    Place: Beijing
    Activities: Tian an Men Square, Forbidden City, Hotong with Rickshaw,
    Meals: B/L/D

    Tian an Men Square: after breakfast we will visit the Tian'anmen Square, the symbol of Beijing and ranked No. 1 of the 16 scenic highlights in Beijing. Walk through - it's much bigger than you think - to check out the many points of interest.  
    Forbidden City is the largest palace where the Emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasties governed for over 500 years. It is the essence and a "must see" in Beijing. And Hall of Clocks and Watches set in the Forbidden City will show us the clock history of the past 200 years.  
    Hutong Tour:  where we visit a local flea market which is an excellent example of typical architecture of this area. You will also visit with a local family and talk to the family members to gain a true understanding of life in this region and to have an experience of this unique form of community.
    Peking opera Show: The shows there are all chosen parts from most famous Peking Opera plays embodying the quintessential elements of its performing skills. The show for us is a mix of singing, martial arts, acrobatics and Peking Opera performance.

    Day 3
    Place: Beijing
    Activities: Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tea House, Peking Duck, Peking Opera Show
    Meals: B/L/D

    Great Wall: Without doubt one of the world greatest tourist attractions,  It was called the Wall of Ten Thousand Li which today translates as 5,000 kilometers of 3,333 miles, and was designed to keep out nomadic invaders from the north. It took 300,000 men 10 years to build.  A man isn’t a real man if he has not climb the Great Wall. This is not just a well-known Chinese proverb, but an encouraging slogan that fulfills one oriental dream!
    Teahouse: after the long journey from the Great Wall, it’s a good time to visit a tea house that you will be participating in a traditional tea ceremony, enjoy different kinds of teas, talk and relax.
    Peking Duck: you will be presented one of the most popular dish in China, Peking Duck. The duck is slowly roasted over an open flame, then when the skin is golden brown and the meat just done, the duck meat is cut by a man specially hired for the task of carving the duck.  

    Day 4
    Place: Beijing
    Activities: Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Chinese Acrobatics
    Meals: B/L/D

    Temple of Heaven: Be Chinese for the morning as we join with the thousand of local people as they practice Tai Chi at the Temple of Heaven before breakfast. Join in or just watch, it's your decision. Lunch is at local restaurant near the center of city.
    Summer Palace: the Summer Palace, which is equally famous as the Forbidden City. It is the best preserved and the largest imperial gardens in China. On concluding your visit to the Summer Palace
    Chinese Acrobatics Show: is popular for the elegance and difficulties of its movements and tricks. The acrobatics show that we will see is assumed the best-selected series in Chinese Circus. Most of series are only performed in China, which may not be seen in Europe.

    Day 5  
    Place: Beijing / Xiangfan (Wudang Mountain)
    Activities: Free morning, Airport Transfer, Flight to Xiangfan (2 Hours)  
    Meals: B /L /D

    Enjoy your free time in the morning, After lunch head to the Olympic Pack and have an overlook, a good opportunity for photos. Transfer to airport, take flight 18: 00 to Xiangfan. Upon arrival, meet our local guide, and transfer to Wudang International Hotel Rest at the hotel.

    Day 6 – Day 12

    Place:  Wudang Mounatin
    Activities: Wudang Mountain Tours & Wudang Kung Fu Training
    Meals: B/L/D
    Sightseeing:See the famous Wudang Mountain, the place where Taoism, Chinese indigenous philosophy and religion began. Wudang Mountains have always been considered to be the place most conducive for cultivating qi (internal energy). Its high altitude and abundant plant and animal life give off a qi or energy field, which is incomparable. You will be calmed by the energy of the mountains. Many people commented that meditation is effortless in Wudang. Today, thousand year old temples are still being used to pass on the sacred wisdom of the sages.  
    Wudang Tai Chi Training: We will take five days training workshops and sightseeing in this area, doing Qigong and Tai Chi training in the morning every day, particularly focus on Traditional Sanfeng Forms and techniques, and then visiting sacred temples and scenic mountain hideaways in the afternoon. For one afternoon, we will visit the Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Institute, Masters and students of the Institute will also delight and thrill us with a demonstration. You will be enthralled by the countryside as you experience the magical clarity and serenity of the mountains. This is a unique experience and one that will have a lasting impact on your Tai Chi experience.

    Day 13
    Place: Beijing
    Activities: Pick up at the train station, free activities, Farewell dinner
    Meals: None

    Upon Arrival in Beijing in the Morning, transfer to hotel for rest.
    Free Activities: you can make your own trip to some most shopping places such as the Silk Market (Xiushui), Yashui, Hong Qiao Market. These places are good for Chinese souvenirs, and also good places to practice your haggling skills.  
    Self-catering: You might want to find a western restaurant after many days of Chinese Food, or you might want to try ordering dishes in a Chinese restaurant, this is a good opportunity.  
    Farewell Dinner:  will be taken place at a special restaurant which is run by one of minority nationalities from west of China. At the restaurant you can enjoy delisious food and listening to lovely music and singing and watching beautiful dances that presented by ethnic charming girls.

    Day 14
    Place: Beijing / your home
    Activities: Airport Transfer, Flight to your home
    Meals: Breakfast

    Airport Transfer: after breakfast we will take you back to the airport for your flight back to home. The trip is officially ended.
    Extra days or further travel plan: If you would like to stay extra days in Beijing, or plan for another trip in China, please let us in advance.

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