Shanghai Sport University

Shanghai Sport University

School Features

a) Top Sports and Wushu Based University

b) Long history and high reputation

c) Beautiful Campus and Excellent Training Grounds and Facilities

d) Respected Masters, Coaches and Professors

e) Interactive with Chinese university students

Recommendations : For those who wish to improve the skills and techniques in competition Wushu, Tai Chi, Daoyin and Sanda

School Profile

Location: Beijing, China

Number of Students: 30000

Number of Teachers: 500

Course Length: 4 weeks -12 weeks, Semester and Academic year

Teaching Styles: Tai Chi, Wushu, Sanda, Daoyin Qigong

Spiritual Type: Academic and Education

Martial Arts Type: Modern and Competition

Age limit: 18 -65

Facilities: Professional training halls

Physical Demand: 4-6 (7 is the highest rate)

School Intro

The Beijing Sport University is the only sport subject-based university in China. It has delivered many world class athletes, Olympic Medalists and national champions in all fields. It has 5 schools, 5 institutes and 6 departments, with a total number of over 30 thousand students. The Wushu Institute is renowned in the University, and has made tremendous achievements in developing and promoting Chinese Wushu since the new China established in 1949. It has also produced many respected Wushu professors such as Mr Zhangwenguan, one of the three highly respected masters in China, Professor Zhanguande-the founder of the Daoyin Qigong system, Masters such as Wu Bin (Jet Li's Teacher), Menghuifeng, and young Wushu professors and teachers include Li Qiaoling, Li Yingkui, Zhu Hong, Liu Xiaolei, Wang Xiaona (the former national champion). Tai Chi professors include Liu Yupin, Yang Li, Huang Kanghui and Li Yanjun ect. Sanda instructors include Li Shiying, Ma Xuzhi, Lijie and Sanda King champion Chen Chao etc. Daoyin Qigong professors include Yang Bolong, Hui Xiao Fei, Yang Hui, Yang Yubin and Liu Xiaolei etc.

Shanghai Sport University


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