Tianjin Huo Yuanjia Wushu School

Tianjin Huo Yuanjia Wushu School

School Features

a) A Big Wushu and Sanda Based School in Tianjin

b) Professional Wushu and Sanda Teaching Teams

c) Large Scale Campus and Excellent Training Grounds and Facilities

d) 5 Hours Daily Training, 25 hours weekly Training 

e) Interactive with Chinese university students

Recommendations : For those who wish to improve the skills and techniques in competition Wushu, Tai Chi, Daoyin and Sanda

School Profile

Location: Tianjin China

Number of Students: 2000

Number of Teachers: 200

Course Length: 4 weeks -12 weeks

Teaching Styles: Tai Chi, Wushu, Sanda, Chinese Wrestling

Spiritual Type: Academic and Education

Martial Arts Type:  Modern and Competition 

Age limit: 12-65

Facilities: Professional training halls

Physical Demand: 4-6 (7 is the highest rate)

School Information 

Tianjin Huo Yuanjia Culture & Wushu School is located in Xiaonanhe Village, Jingwu Town, Xiqing District in Tianjin China, this is the hometown of Huo Yuanjia (1867 – 1910), a famous patriotic martial artist in China. Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee have all played the role of Huo Yuanjia in their films, especially the recent Jet Li movie “Fearless” The school was founded in 1999 by the world Wushu champions: Lang Rongbiao and Hou Dongmei (two former members of Tiajin Professional Wushu Team. The school covers an area of 80 acres and has 200 teachers and 2000 students. Since the founding of the school, the school has adhered to the school philosophy: “Not only teach Chinese martial arts(Wushu)skills, but also teach the Chin Woo Spirits (Master Huo Yuanjia’s spirits)”.

There are five sections in the cultural department, including the Ministry of Children, the Junior School, the Secondary School, the Secondary Department and the Vocational College of Police Officers. The professional training includes martial arts, Sanda, Taekwondo, Karate, Chinese Wrestling, and International Wrestling. Twelve sports such as weightlifting, boxing, children's gymnastics, trampoline and archery. And undertake the training tasks of Tianjin Sanda Team and Tianjin Karate Team. With the care and support of leaders at all levels, remarkable achievements have been made.

The students who have been trained and transported have won more than 3,000 medals in various international, national and provincial competitions. Nine international champions and more than 100 national champions have emerged, and more than 30 national health champions have been trained. 

The school inherits the Chin Woo (Martial Spirits) culture, promotes the spirit of Chin Woo, cultivates Chin Woo talents as its own responsibility, insists on going out of the school, walks out of Chin Woo, goes abroad, actively participates in various domestic and international performances, and travels to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, France, Switzerland, Canada, Panama, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Namibia, Mauritius, Taiwan and other dozens of countries and regions conducted martial arts exchange visits, where they were warmly welcomed by the audience and received good international influence. Due to its outstanding achievements in running schools, it has been awarded “Tianjin Advanced Private School” by the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission for four times and “National Excellent Private School” by the Ministry of Education twice.

At present, it is the national Wushu training base, the key training and layout unit of Tianjin Sports Bureau, Tianjin Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Overseas Chinese Youth, China Roots Summer Camp Tianjin Base, Tianjin Public Security Bureau Special Police Fighting Training Base, Tianjin Sports Academy Wushu Reserve Talent Training Base, Teaching Practice Base and intern training base, Tianjin minority traditional project training base, the National Ministry of Culture set up the country's first “national” prefix foreign-related Wushu training base, and reached an agreement with Nankai University to become the “International Student Chinese Cultural Experience of NTU Hanyuan” base".


Tianjin Huo Yuanjia Wushu School


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