Shaolin Epo Kung Fu School

Shaolin Epo Kung Fu School

School Features

- One of the ten top martial arts schools in China
- The Second largest Kung Fu School in Shaolin Region
- Systematic curriculum: Kung Fu basics, forms, pair fighting and applications
- Course Options: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes
- Learn Shaolin Kung Fu and Study Chinese Language at the same time
- Choose a student dorm or a hotel as your accommodation
- Six hours intensive training daily based schedule
- Varies indoor and outdoor training halls and facilities

School Data

Location: Dengfeng Henan, China
Number of Students: 13000
Number of Teachers: 500
School Facilities: Professional training halls and equipments
Offer Course: 1-12 weeks/6 months – 12 months
Teaching Styles: Shaolin Kung Fu / Sanda
Spiritual Type: Buddhism / Teenage Education
Age Limit: 7 – 68
Physical Demand: 4-6

School Introduction

Shaolin Epo Kung Fu School is located in the western section of Dayu Road, Dengfeng City, the hometown of Kung fu and a national civilized, hygienic and excellent tourism city. It was founded in 1977 and it is the first professional martial arts school since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Since its foundation, the college has invested 200 million in hardware construction, teaching facilities and so on. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with construction area of 72,000 square meters, training venues 56,000 square meters. There are more than 7,500 students from all over the country in the school, including thousands of foreign students coming to study martial. For literacy class, it sets department of early childhood, primary department, junior department, senior department, technical secondary school department, and computer department etc., In the year of 2011, the school cooperated with Henan University to set up college classes, along with the classes of martial arts routine, sanshou, wrestling, taekwondo, visual and performing arts etc.

The school mission is “all service is ready for the students”. The school has strict management system, with the abundant teachers’ strength and outstanding achievements in teaching. It has 86 full-time managers, 129 professional teachers for literacy class, and 168 coachers for martial teaching. Over the years literacy course examination of this school have come to top all over the city. It has transferred more than 1,600 undergraduates to Beijing Sport University and the sport institutes in Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi'an, Tianjin, Shenyang, Wuhan city etc., and also transferred martial undergraduate to many colleges, such as Henan University, Zhengzhou University, Luoyang Normal University and so on. It introduced more than 3,600 graduates to the armed police, public security, high security and other departments all over the country. More than 2,800 excellent martial coaches for arts schools were cultivated here. Tens of thousands of martial arts talents from all sectors of the community are raised from the school.

Shaolin Epo Kung Fu School


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