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Cloud hands

Program Overview

Cloud hands is a new and systematic Taiji Zen training program for seeking personal mastery over mind and body. Through a structured,principles-based approach, you will learn Taijiquan (also spelled 'Tai chi chuan') as a martial art, as well as meditation techniques tofocus your mind. The system program consists of 9 Levels (, or duan), with each Level introducing deeper and more complex concepts within the art.

What will you learn?

• Taijiquan from the ground up, starting with its basic building blocks

• Key principles of structural alignment and efficient movement

• Foundational techniques of awareness meditation

What are the benefits?

For Professionals. In today’s rapid fire, high pressure workenvironment, the ability maintain one’s balance is key to success. Taiji Zen’straining program can help you enhance clarity of thought, improve emotional resilience and discipline of mind.

For Martial Artists. For centuries, martial artists have sought themesmerizing power, efficiency and effectiveness of the internal arts, with Taijiquan being one of the main disciplines. Cloud hand takes a novel approach at developing gongfu (kung fu) and unlocking your potential.

For Athletes. Taijiquan trains sensitivity of reaction,full body control and efficient movement, will which can be applied broadly to any athletic pursuit. Athletes can cross-train Taijiquan to improve balance, coordination, powergeneration, sensitivity and finesse.

Training Path

Cloud hands training system is organized into 1-9 Levels (aka Duan), providing clear achievement milestones to help motivate students.

Training Effects

People of all ages can participate in the Cloud hands Training system.The program does not require special physical prowess, and through sustained practice will help improve common posture misalignment and fatigue issues.



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