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SCIC Beijing Launches new study training prorgams: train inside the Shaolin Temple, Study Tai Chi at Jet Li's School (Taiji  Zen School in Hangzhou), Summer Children Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu programs. Tai Chi courses at Chen Village (Chen Jiagou, Henan Province), Wudang Kung Fu course at Wudang Mountain,

Come to China learning Chinese martial arts and experiencing Chinese culture.
SCIC Beijing is ready to launch online teachiing Kung Fu, Taiji, Qigong and Sanda Programs soon!!! 

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single rooms and shared rooms.

Our Accommodation


What is Chinese Martial Arts?


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Profile of Tai Chi (Taiji) Teachers

The Tai Chi teaching group includes Huang Kanghui, the former Chinese Push Hands champion and Chief Instructor of the university team at Beijing Sports University. This group also includes Yang Yadan, a former Yunan Wushu team member, who has won a national championship title for Sun-style Tai Chi as well as Professor Liu Yiping who is an expert on competition forms such as the 42 empty hand form and the 42 sword form.

Master Qiao Biao

Master Qiao is from Luoyang, Henan Province. He is one of the hundred 'Top Chinese Martial Arts Teachers' in China. He is a member of the Chinese Wushu Research Committee and the Chief Director of the Wushu and Tai Chi Department in the Henan Wushu Administration Centre. He is currently Chief Coach for the Hennan Professional Wushu and Taiji Team. He has trained many famous Tai Chi athletes including Dingjie and Wang Erping, who have won many national championships. Master Qiao works for SCIC Beijing as chief instructor for Taiji programs in Henan.

Teacher Huang Kanghui

Teacher Huang Kanghui is a former national champion in Taiji Push-Hands, and is the former coach of the Taiji team at Beijing Sport University. He graduated with a BA degree in Tai Chi Teaching from Beijing Sport University in 1996, and has been teaching Taiji classes at the university since 2001. He specializes in all types of competition forms including Yang style, Chen style, 42 empty hand form and 42 sword forms, and is very skilled at Taiji Push-Hands. He works for SCIC Beijing as a Taiji teacher at Beijing Sport University.


Master Yang Jing

Master Yang began learning Wushu at the age of 5, and has won several martial arts championships both nationally and internationally. She is a former professional Taiji athlete in Tianjing Taiji Team, and won the gold medal for Taijiquan in the 1995 World Taijiquan Championships held in Tokyo, Japan. She also won gold in Taijiquan in the 4th Asian Martial Arts Championship held in Philippines the following year. Master Yang is a Taiji teacher in the Capital Institute of Physical Education in Beijing, and works for SCIC Beijing Martial Arts division as a Taiji instructor.

Teacher Yadan Yang

Teacher Yang is a former member of the Yunnan Professional Wushu Team. She was the national champion of China in Sun-style Tai Chi in 1996 and graduated from Beijing Sports University with a B.A. in (Wushu) in 2001. She is currently the director of the Wushu Department in the Beijing University of Communication. She works for SCIC Beijing as one of the teachers of the Tai Chi, Daoyin Qigong and martial arts programs.

Teacher Chen Lei

Master Chen Lei started his Wushu training at the age of 8 in the Shaolin Temple and was selected by the Yunnan Professional Team at the age of 13. He obtained the title of Master Athlete (Wuyin) in 1995 and won his first national championship in 1995. In 1999 he received his 6th Dan title, and graduated with a BA degree in Wushu from Beijing Sport University in 2000. From 2001 to 2003 he taught the National Squad of Great Britain. Master Chen has taught over 2000 students from all over the world from 2000 to 2009, and specializes in Taiji (all styles), Daoyin, Tongbei and Drunken styles. He is the director of the Martial Arts division in SCIC Beijing.

Master Zhao Lin

Master Zhao, the former member of Beijing Wushu Team, and has been practicing Taiji professionally for over 12 years and is a national champion in Taiji Quan and Taiji Sword. She is also a master of Changsui Jian, Xingyi Quan, Spear and many other styles. Master Yuan is well-known for her performance skills, and is frequently invited to showcase her talents on China's national television stations such as CCTV. She works for SCIC Beijing as a Taiji teacher.

Teacher Zhang Meng

Teacher Zhang is a former member of the Shangdong Professional Wushu Team and the Beijing Sports University Taiji Team. She has won many titles in the National Taiji Championships and graduated from the Martial Arts Department in Beijing Sports University in 2005. She works for SCIC Beijing as a teacher for Taichi and Daoyin classes.

Master Chen Er Hu

Master Chen Er Hu was born in Chen Jiagou, Wenxian, China in 1975. As the 20th-generation direct disciple of Chen-style Taiji Chen Er Hu is also one of the 'Ten Outstanding Taiji Masters', a national first-class Wushu referee and a first-class boxing master. He is currently the headmaster of the Wenxian Taiji/Wushu school and the Chen Jiagou Taiji Training Center. He is a master at Taiji practical self-defence, fist-fighting and wrist-locking. He has won regional championships and all-round championships 28 times at different levels. Master Chen works for SCIC Beijing as chief instructor in Chen Village.



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